Beauty Tips by Iness at Jacaranda Hair Salon and Beauty Studio

Keep Your Hair Shiny & Healthy

Shiny Hair

Don’t you love it when you feel as if your hair looks so good, you might’ve just stepped out of a shampoo commercial? You imagine yourself stopping traffic as you strut your stuff down the street – wind whipping through your long, glistening tresses.

Color Treatment

Hair Color

A gloss will repair any summer damage you have. Spent a little too much time in the sun and chlorine this summer? We recommend you get a gloss. “It actually repairs your hair and undos all that damage, so you’ll feel a lot better”. The gloss will return texture and deep condition your strands for ultimate silkiness and shine.

Style Your Hair Daily

Hair Styling

Dry texturizers. If you sprayed dry shampoo all over, it would give your hair a matte finish. Dry texturizers create lived-in waves (using polymers) without compromising shine. “Traditional texturizing sprays are for damp hair and would make dry hair sticky or gummy, but many of the new dry-texturizing sprays contain oils or silicones to offset the polymers,” says the cosmetic chemist.